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How much should a Megsite cost?

When looking for the best website design company available, ask the questions you are the most concerned with.

What are your needs of the project? Ask how they can help and on what time line. Then determine their confidence level of their results.

Realize that just having a website will not do much for a business unless it eventually ranks high.  A good website design company knows not every project is for them.

These days if a 10 page website is all you need, there are several sources to make one yourself.  It does not have to have a fancy layout or a wordy presentation.

That is not its intent from the start.  If your intent is to generate leads from the internet then understand this comes at a price in most cases.

If a website design company only focuses on how good a site looks then it will have a great effect on the customers that find it.  People finding it is the key.

There is only three ways to generate leads on the internet.  One, have the only pond scum cleaning business in the state.  Without competition a simple website will rank high.

Two, pay a good website design company to build a website that is in the top tier of your competition.  If you are an attorney or in the sports industry, these are fairly large websites.

Three, educate yourself on building and accept that it will be a minimum year long project for competitive markets.  These are the only ways.

When hiring a website design company, the upfront cost can be broke up however since the project can go over time.  Keep in mind, it is the same as an attorney.

Large websites are not built page by page but rather in stages.  A half built website could do nothing as well.  Our philosophy at Megsites.com is to be completely upfront on cost, expectations, and results.

We are not a typical website design company.  Our specialty is to put our clients on the front page.

Website Design Company

Any response to this question with a preset figure ultimately limits the final product.
The answer comes down to your competitions presence on the web and which tier you would like your website to fall in.


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Why is conversion phycology important?

While ranking at the top of search engines is important, being number one in the customers mind is essential to success.

With many choices available, why choose us…

Its not just where you are going but how you get there. Megsites lifts the fog and provides a clear view to the end goal of all  project.

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Amazing projects are results of an exceptional team.

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In order for a project to be completely successful, organization is key.  Our clients have a business to run.  Our step by step proven system allows for a company’s Megsite to be built to specification with ease.

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“I spent years with company’s that claimed they could help with my online presence with no results. Megsites gave me a plan I could understand and doubled my clientele.  It all comes down to who you hire.”

-Mark, Attorney

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There is simply more to building an amazing website than SEO. Todays internet has evolved as everything matters.

Ranking at the top of search engines without a captivating website can be dangerous. A phone ringing constantly may sound good but not if you are the third dog at the bowl.

A successful website design company takes all factors in account for their clients. Our customers viewers must have the best user experience of any top tier site.


Website Design Company

A great website should take the reader on a journey. All the information they are looking for should be well placed and flow.

A big key to a great design is not only superior images but pictures that resemble the verbiage itself. This helps guide the reader with the right content.

Lastly, a website should give the reader accurate info.  Dressing a site up will lead to attracting clients that will likely not close.

This is due to the client being attracted to elements that are not something that exists.

 A great website design company should show only what the client can come through with.

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