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A Megsite is a large, multifunctional website designed to originate business by directing web traffic to a company. In a land of standard websites, make your business stand apart with a Megsite.

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When looking for the best website design company available, ask the questions you are the most concerned with.

What are your needs of the project? Ask how they can help and on what time line. Then determine their confidence level of their results.

Realize that just having a website will not do much for a business unless it eventually ranks high.  A good website design company knows not every project is for them.

These days if a 10 page website is all you need, there are several sources to make one yourself.  It does not have to have a fancy layout or a wordy presentation.

That is not its intent from the start.  If your intent is to generate leads from the internet then understand this comes at a price in most cases.

If a website design company only focuses on how good a site looks then it will have a great effect on the customers that find it.  People finding it is the key.

There is only three ways to generate leads on the internet.  One, have the only pond scum cleaning business in the state.  Without competition a simple website will rank high.

Two, pay a good website design company to build a website that is in the top tier of your competition.  If you are an attorney or in the sports industry, these are fairly large websites.

Three, educate yourself on building and accept that it will be a minimum year long project for competitive markets.  These are the only ways.

When hiring a website design company, the upfront cost can be broke up however since the project can go over time.  Keep in mind, it is the same as an attorney.

Large websites are not built page by page but rather in stages.  A half built website could do nothing as well.  Our philosophy at Megsites.com is to be completely upfront on cost, expectations, and results.

We are not a typical website design company.  Our specialty is to put our clients on the front page.

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The most commonly asked question is how much should a website cost?
The answer comes down to your competitions presence on the web and what tier you would like your website to fall in.


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Megsites.com is a leading website design company.


There are many things to consider when building a website and many website design company to choose from.

The key to building a successful website is to properly evaluate your market position prior to making any decisions. The firth thing to consider is what websites you will be competing with in your industry.

A good website design company will not only make a beautiful website but will make it work well for your business as well. The bottom line is if your website is not on the front page of search engines it your company will likely not benefit from web traffic.

This is what defines a website today. These websites are better known as a reference page. The only purpose they serve is when you hand out your business card and the address is on it.

Studies have shown that ninety two percent of web searchers do not click to the second page. Instead, they change their search term and stay on all front pages.

Now imagine that website cost you five thousand dollars.What difference would it have made to your business if you had spent twenty thousand and the phone was ringing constantly.

Its simple math. The internet has become just like the rest of the world. Those who can afford to start a business the proper way will be the only ones who benefit.

This is what evolved the Megsite. The days of making a thirty page website that is worked perfectly to throw off search engines are over. The key to a website today is its validity to the internet in several forms.

Image as if you owned a large search engine company. Your mission would be to improve results for views on a daily basis.

This is done by keywords of course but there are thirty four other factors just as important. Most website design company sell a client a website in their price range which is perfectly fine.

The fair approach would be for a website design company to also explain the expectations of the project once complete as well. A megsites.com we analyze the competition, explain what is needed, and stand behind the expectations we set.

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